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Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Entrainment for Holistic Health


More than ever, new health tools are needed to counteract an invisible onslaught of biological
stressors from our modern environment that already degrade our health in radical ways!

Violet Ray Crystal Resonator
Powerfully Coherent Crystal Radionics

VRCR color frontal

Violet Ray Crystal Resonator video

Using leading edge, ancient and uncommon wisdom, we've developed the most Effective Radionics Technology available anywhere.  It is an intricate, unique and holistic design; making powerful use of what Quantum Physics calls "The Information Field."

The Violet Ray Crystal Resonator:

  • Reduces Stress - Thus allowing balanced growth and wellness states. Your whole being uses its own divine and built in wisdom for "self" healing.
  • Balances and re-tunes your Chakras - (the electromagnetic fields of your being) - to the healthful resonance of the Schumann EM pulse of our planet that our bio rhythms depend upon.
  • Energizse and enhances foods and liquids, while also restructuring the water within.
  • Enhances learning, meditation, prayer and Intention Setting with supportive electromagnetic frequencies embedded with coherent "intelligent" information.
  • Negates Electromagnetic pollution.
  • Enhances the feel of any living environment using natural energies and methods fully compatible with the art of Feng Shui.
  • and so much more...!
"I found that I experienced greater clarity within about four days of turning it on.  I began to learn more quickly and I was remembering facts and details more easily. Things were just making sense more easily to me, and in the months since then, I've created all the Counter- Think cartoons, started the new Consumer Wellness Center non-profit, and launched a whole new technology platform that will soon be announced in the software industry.  I give at least partial credit for this to the VRCR machine, and I keep it running in my household 24/7" 
- Mike Adams of Natural News.

See full independent review - here.

For Aura Photographs and a detailed Testimonial, go here to see professional photographer Gwen Kemp's objective assessment of the VRCR!

Who uses our Radionics,
and Tuning Devic

  • Individuals looking to enhance or add to their holistic health care program.
  • Professionals of all types striving to enhance their services and products.
  • Businesses, Groups and Agencies promoting refreshing and electromagnetic pollution free environments in which to conduct meetings and presentations
  • Business or Public Service Centers where stress reduction for customers and employees is valued.
  • Health Food and Retail Stores
  • Shopping Malls and Kiosks.
  • Holistic Health and Wellness Care Centers
  • Naturopathic and Allopathic Doctors that have recognized that belief and stress are major keys in controlling ones' state of health.
  • Health Therapists and Counselors.
  • Spas, Salons or Agencies providing massage therapy, chiropractic or acupuncture care.
  • Yoga, Art and Dance Studios.
  • Bookstores, Shops, Churches
  • Meditation and Retreat Centers.
  • Bed and Breakfasts
  • Restaurants and Coffee Houses.

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Water of Life Fountain
A Twin Vortex Living Water Technology


Water of Life Fountain video

The Water of Life Fountain structures Water so it has energized, active and stable clustering properties - with pristine memory programming...  using Vortex Implosion and dozens of other interconnected processes that are working with the "Information Field" - known to Quantum Physics for many years.

Our Intelligent Energy Systems effect "Information Field" corrections that promote deep relaxation within your whole being.  You move OUT of constant states of stress - the prime cause of illness and disease.   .   .and IN to profound states of growth and alignment to receive vital life force energy.

The Water of Life Fountain:

  • Erases polluted memories in water clusters.
  • Reprograms water memories...even to ones of your choice!
  • Restructures, activates, and energizes water and its natural minerals.
  • Stabelizes and locks in healthful structure and memory for a virtual unlimited shelf life.
  • Water filtration and ionization.
  • Gives water the desirable "soft" properties naturally with no additives.
  • Reduce cellular stressors.  Drinking and bathing in structured water strongly supports our natural ability to be in growth states rather than protection states brought on by stress.  This is a HUGE factor in optimal wellness.
  • Balance PH.
  • Reduce heavy metals and chlorine.
  • Greatly enhances nutrient value of foods.
  • Food tastes better and lasts longer!
  • Plants grow better!
New Symbol Water of Life Fountain Commercial Model
The first truly commercial system available for the stable restructuring of large volumes of water!

For Wholesale and FOB Qualified orders, please contact us at Pillar of Light Enterprises.

"I had suffered severe, scaring sunburn on my chest area as a teenager. . .After about three months of drinking the structured vortex water, I was extremely surprised to note that about 75% of the damage seemed to be gone!"
- Erica Louis

See full independent testimonial of our Water Structuring technology - here.

What does our Twin Vortex Living Water Technology do that others cannot?

Not so long ago, mainstream science would have said that water can only be changed by pressure and temperature.  They were wrong.  Thanks to more recent efforts of “Materials Science” and their focus on water, we now know that all kinds of energy and Field Information can change it.

Tap water is damaged by the constant high pressures of our domestic water systems and by exposure to harmful electromagnetic radiation such as AC power, TV, Radio, Microwaves, etc. It can contain heavy metals and be polluted with chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride, as well viral and bacterial contamination from livestock, wastewater and other waste by-products of modern industrial society.  To add insult to injury, water has memory.  So it also stores "information" about everything from its environment.  This is "Information Field" pollution that remains even through filtering methods to "purify" water.

Filtering, distilling, or using reverse osmosis DOES NOT restore water to its original quality.

Conventional purifying methods remove particles  and contaminates, but energetic and information signatures of toxins and heavy metals remain in the water.  To neutralize such harmful signatures and reverse this damage done by exposure to toxic environmental conditions and substances,

it is necessary to revitalize, erase and reprogram the memory within water's cluster structure.

This is accomplished by a holstic set of processes that duplicate the way nature structures water on a global scale.  The Water of Life Fountain revitalizes water to its highest natural state and more... by blending this emulation of nature with precise scientific principals that can even lock in a programmed healthful structure of water and its minerals for a virtual stable shelf life.

The Water Of Life Fountain produces structured water with the positive attributes of soft water - without additives or negative attributes. 

Thus, it is an Earth Friendly alternative for States where water softeners have been outlawed!
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